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Facilities Engineering | HVAC

BD Engineering offers full service heating, ventilation and air-conditioning design services. Our engineers have extensive experience in the design of systems for all project types. We are sensitive to the critical requirements of the end user and will address your requirements for humidity control, indoor air quality, ease of maintenance, low installed and life cycle costs and overall impact on the interior sound levels and visual aesthetics.

BD Engineering will design your HVAC systems to provide proper humidity control and a comfortable environment. We can design for a variety of applications including:

  • Conventional rooftop package units
  • Custom manufactured units
  • Desiccant systems
  • Gas fired infrared heating
  • Gas fired forced air heating
  • Steam heating
  • Heat pumps
  • Electric heat
  • Exhaust hood systems
  • Make up air units
  • Machine room exhaust systems
  • Split air conditioning systems
  • Heated air curtains
  • Air handlers
  • Duct furnaces
  • Combustion air
  • Economizer units
  • Garage ventilation
  • Building management systems

Our engineers will do a thorough analysis of the facility to determine the required loads and ventilation requirements to ensure a comfortable, clean environment. We will design the systems to be code compliant and energy efficient while balancing the need to keep costs low. For every project we provide:

  • Full load calculations based on the building construction and location utilizing load calculation software such as Trane Trace™ 700 and Elite CHVAC.
  • Determine the fresh air requirements based on occupancy and exhaust requirements
  • Fully designed supply and return duct distribution system, targeting critical comfort areas and utilizing both high and low returns to de-stratify the air in the space