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Facilities Engineering | Energy Management

With energy costs rising ever upward, it is of utmost importance that an efficient and effective Energy Management System (EMS) be incorporated into your project. BD Engineering can specify and prepare designs for all of the major control manufacturers for every application including lighting, HVAC and refrigeration systems. We specialize in designing systems tailored to your needs and can safely minimize energy consumption while ensuring functional and comfortable lighting, temperature and humidity levels in your facility.

We have extensive experience in the design and commission of refrigeration system controls. In a typical facility with refrigerated storage, refrigeration systems utilize up to 80% of the electricity consumed and are required to run around the clock, 365 days a year. If these systems are not properly controlled to run at maximum efficiency, the real cost to you can be substantial. BD Engineering can help you get the most of your energy dollars, by designing and commissioning an EMS system for you that will work to reduce your energy costs by providing the following:

Lighting Controls

  • Control lighting levels based on time of day and interior & exterior lighting level sensors
  • Occupancy sensors to control office lighting
  • Provide multiple levels of lighting to match operational needs

HVAC Controls

  • Provide programmable controls to accommodate operational hours, holidays and night & weekend schedules
  • Control temperature and humidity levels to optimize comfort and reduce loads on refrigeration systems
  • Reduce demand during peak energy rate periods
  • Use Variable Air Volume, Fan Coil Units, Chilled Beams, etc., systems to allow individual local control based on local load conditions

Refrigeration Controls

  • Float the suction pressure up and the head pressure down to reduce energy consumption
  • Cycle compressors to best match the current and predicted loads
  • Modulate the condensers or cooling towers and cycle the fans during periods of low loads and low ambient temperature
  • Utilize anti-sweat heater controls to cycle or turn off the anti-sweat heaters during periods of low humidity
  • Utilize variable speed drives
  • Reduce demand during peak energy rate periods
  • Monitor product temperature and generate alarms when temperatures reach a predetermined level or as a result of a component failure

Are your existing control systems up to par? BD Engineering can validate your EMS system to ensure proper functionality and optimization for your energy usage. Contractors frequently "jump out" portions of the control system to provide a quick fix for an unresolved problem. These fixes can operate undetected for years, wasting your valuable energy dollars. Let BD Engineering verify proper operation of your systems by inspecting and testing the EMS system by:

  • Interrogating your EMS systems, documenting all of the existing systems, controls and setpoints and providing a written report for your records.
  • Verifying proper operation of all sensors and transducers.
  • Re-calibrating sensors and transducers that have "drifted" over time.
  • Physically verifying proper operation of all contactors, stages of heat, stages of cooling and other functions.
  • Providing a backup of the final control set up for use in case of a failure at a future date.

Looking to get the most out of your energy dollars? BD Engineering is your best resource.