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Facilities Engineering | Electrical Engineering

The National Electrical Code and other life safety and building codes are constantly changing. Our staff has the experience and expertise you need to bring your next electrical project up to code.

Electrical Distribution

BD Engineering can handle everything from coordination with utility companies to managing the location of receptacles.

Lighting Design

Utilizing the latest design techniques and computer software, BD Engineering can create energy code compliant lighting schemes that meet your specific needs and design criteria. We work closely with owners, architects and interior designers to provide functional and decorative lighting systems.

Code Analysis

BD Engineering can perform a full analysis to ensure the latest applicable codes are applied to all aspects of every project.

Life Safety Systems

We can thoroughly evaluate all life safety system needs based upon the latest local and state code requirements. These systems will utilize the latest equipment and include: fire alarms, emergency power systems and associated distribution equipment.

Optional Standby Systems

BD Engineering can provide a complete analysis of your standby power requirements to design the most cost-effective system.

Power Factor Correction

Let us evaluate your power factor requirements and provide the most economically feasible controls for your utility expenses.

Alternative Energy Evaluations

BD Engineering will work with you to evaluate alternative energy solutions that can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in energy costs.

Equipment Commissioning

You've invested large sums of money on an emergency power back-up system, but are you sure it's working as designed? At your request, BD Engineering will develop a comprehensive program to test your systems' functionality.

Utility Rebates

We work closely with utility companies and state agencies to help maximize all available rebates in order to help control your construction costs.

Arc Flash Analysis

BD Engineering can perform an arc flash analysis and over current protection coordination study to bring your facility into compliance with OSHA's personnel injury protection requirements.