"Driving the stupid out of construction™"

Click here to see our project with Ivoclar Vivadent that utilized Lean Construction Pull Planning to help identify key milestones for the project.

Consulting Engineers

Engineering projects are more than just calculations and technical information. When you have a complex project, you need a partner, someone who can provide the help with planning and development you need to make your project a success. And BD Engineering is just the firm to do that. We’re a New Jersey-based multi-discipline engineering consulting firm focused on providing real world, economical, practical and buildable engineering solutions – on time and on budget. So whether you’re a developer, an architect or part of a marketing team looking for facilities engineering or project management, BD Engineering can work with you to move your project along from start to finish.

Driving the Stupid Out of Construction in 3 Steps

Step 1: Getting ugly, early.

On-the-spot decision making = bad construction. So we eliminate it. From day one, we get granular, delving into project plans in detail. Every component is reviewed. Plans, guidelines, and budgets are thoroughly vetted. And you know moment-to-moment what’s getting done when.

Step 2: Closing the circle of communications.

Timely communication is the cornerstone of good project management. So we make precision a priority. From tight feedback loops to methodical check-ins, our teams and yours are always aligned.

Step 3: Demanding accountability.

Clarity and quality merge to create a tight loop throughout construction. Each step is checked and rechecked for accuracy. Everyone knows their role. Finger-pointing is never tolerated. And a sharp commitment to on-time delivery drives us, so that small issues don’t throw timelines off track.

Key Market Segments

Food Processing



Light Industrial




Child Care